This page is for digital handouts from our conference presenters. Notes, PowerPoint presentations and links to reference material will all be added to this list as they become available, some before the conference and some afterwards.


Please be aware that presenters own the rights to their material. Sharing online is at their option. If you would like handouts or links that you don’t see here, please contact the presenter directly.


Business Track


Business Administrator and Head of School:  A Key Relationship

by Henry Contant

PowerPoint slides handout


The Feasibility Study: Determining Your School’s Readiness for a Capital Campaign

by Cathy Kits and Henry Contant

PowerPoint slides handout


The New BC Societies Act

by Luke Johnson

PowerPoint slides handout

Development Track


A Will Visit: What Does It Mean for Your School?

by Maynard Wiersma and Dave Broughton

PowerPoint slides handout


Ensuring Christian Education for Generations to Come

by Don Van Maanen

Additional Help

Don't Let Your Pet Spoil You

Estate Planning

Legacy Insert

October 2014


Spring 2014

Zeilenga Mailer


Help! I Need to Put Together a Marketing Plan!

by Sam Kirk

PowerPoint slides and speaker notes

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