Keynote Presentation by Michael Van Pelt

Christian Schools in Canada: Flourishing for the Long Term?


Michael Van Pelt will focus on some of the strategic questions school leaders need to think about. He will independently reflect on school organizational models and education perspectives with the aim of our Christian schools flourishing for next generation and the common good.



 Business and Finance Workshops

What's New This Year? Annual Accounting / Auditing / CRA Update

by Michael Loewen

Michael will provide an accounting, auditing and CRA update pertaining to charities and Not-For-Profit organizations. Michael will also talk about identifying various types of risk that Not-For-Profits face, and how to mitigate and manage these risks.

Risk is a reality in the not-for-profit sector.  Whereas some risk is necessary for growth in any organization, high or unwanted risk can lead to disaster.


T3010 Do's and Don'ts

by Audrey Roorda

This workshop will take a line by line look at the T3010 (annual CRA report for charities) for both the opportunities and the pitfalls. We will look at the question of what CRA is looking for with certain questions and then go into some detail on the compensation and the Detailed Financial Information sections of the return.


Canadian CSI Pension Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen


This workshop explains how the CSI Plan is designed to provide cost efficiencies and minimize retirement risks for schools and employees. An update on the funded status of the plan will be covered.


Business Administrator and Head of School:  A Key Relationship

by Henry Contant

This workshop will examine the key relationship between the head of school (superintendent, principal) and the school’s business manager. SCSBC Executive Director Henry Contant will share a four decade perspective on what causes some Christian school administrative teams, business managers and school boards to flourish while others flounder. Come prepared to learn from other schools’ best practises and costly mistakes.


Charitable Tax Framework 101

presented by Tim Williams

SCSBC’s Framework for the Issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts gives parents access to a legitimate charitable receipting option resulting in considerable benefit to those who pay tuition fees to Christian schools. SCSBC has invested significant time, energy and resources in the defense of the framework, which has resulted in a high degree of understanding and acceptance by Canada Revenue Agency. This workshop is designed to get new users of the framework up and running.


This workshop assists new business managers understand IC75-23 and using the SCSBC charitable tax framework.  During the workshop, we will also discuss recent challenges for some Alberta schools and how the receipting framework can be modified.


Benchmarking Reports for Schools

by Tim Williams

How does your school compare to similar sized schools? SCSBC

has been providing benchmarks for many years. This workshop explains the benchmarking tool and how you can use it as part of your school’s budget process.


Canadian CSI Insurance Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen

This workshop explores how the many options in the CSI Insurance Plan can be used to achieve both cost containment and increased employee satisfaction.


The New BC Societies Act - Strengths and Weaknesses

by Ken Volkenant

This workshop will summarize the proposed new BC Societies Act (due in 2016), which will require significant changes to how BC societies operate. We will review the improvements over the current Society Act, discuss problematic changes, and highlight points for societies to consider as they reassess their corporate structure and governance. The purpose of the workshop is to help attendees understand the new proposed Act, and prepare to transition their organization’s constitution and bylaws.

Development Workshops

Make Love Your Aim

by Chris Berghuis

Pipelines, segmentation, synergy, stewardship, moves, prospects, rd’s, acquisition, cultivation and more. The language of AFP’s, emphasized by CFRE’s, is one that is full of love. Yes, fundraising is a unique ministry opportunity so let’s spend some time exploring the ins and outs of a development program - an overview of fundraising principals and challenges. Bring your stories and jargon as we explore this world of loving your neighbour.


Ensuring Christian Education for Generations to Come

by Don Van Maanen

In this workshop, we will look at the importance of establishing a strong foundation (endowment) for Christian schools.  If your foundation is promoted well in your school community, parents, grandparents and supporters should realize your school is serious about providing Christian education for generations to come.  We will use Lynden Christian School’s Endowment Fund as an example.  LCS’s Endowment Fund was started in 1980, and this coming school year has “gifted” the school $500,000.


A Will Visit: What Does It Mean for Your School?

by Maynard Wiersma and Dave Broughton

Although your school supporters have free access to a will visit from Christian Stewardship Services (CSS), why would you promote it? We will look at how to recognize the potential of a will visit for your school. What questions will be uncovered and answered in the will visit which benefit your supporters? What potential opportunities come out of a will visit that may benefit your school now and in the future. Join Maynard Wiersma and Dave Broughton from CSS to find out why more and more schools are discovering that the will visit is a key ingredient to the long range financial health of their school.


The Development Director:  What Should Schools Look for When Hiring?

by Michael Van Pelt

Few Christian school development directors initially chose a career in fundraising, but often come to their current development position with requisite transferable skills from another profession.   What makes the development director? Is it character, qualifications, passion, systems, experience, curiosity or love? This workshop will explore the road of development through the eyes of an accidental institution builder.


Help! I Need to Put Together a Marketing Plan!

by Sam Kirk

Every Christian school or non-profit organization has the challenge of achieving marketing goals and fundraising targets. But, what if you have very little to spend on marketing or fundraising? Where do you start? What are the essentials you should do and how do you do it? This session will provide you with some basic building blocks that you can use to put together and start using a marketing plan for your school to increase enrolment and raise funds.



Business, Finance and Development Plenary

The Feasibility Study: Determining Your School’s Readiness for a Capital Campaign

by Cathy Kits and Henry Contant

Come prepared to learn the value and strategic importance of conducting an external feasibility study for any school community contemplating a major capital campaign. This workshop will outline the how, when and why of a feasibility study and examine how the wealth of information uncovered in such a study will guide school board and development office staff decision-making as they plan for and conduct a major capital campaign.  Also discussed will be presentation material for lenders and major donors, including the ten year financial forecast, proving the feasibility of the new building project, and ensuring the viability of the school at the end of it.



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